(HUGE sigh)  The birthday invitations have been sent and a few more things are now marked off the to do list.  While shopping for the party decorations and supplies I came across a little pink diary with a cute fairy on the cover.  In that second I recalled an earlier conversation with Joie where she asked for a journal, one with a lock and key.  I asked, “what are you going to write in it? ”  Her response,  “I can’t tell you, Mom.”  I imagined where she would hide her diary away, where would be the key, what she’d write, would it be about a boy?  WHAT’S HIS NAME?  WHERE DOES HE LIVE?  WHO ARE HIS PARENTS?  Oh, HE BETTER NOT BREAK HER HEART!!  OMG, she’s only 5.  I swear, my chest felt tight and my eyes were starting to well up… “Can I please have it, Mommy?”  Sure, baby – for your secrets.