It was a hit!  The smiles on the kiddies faces were priceless.  They had a blast jumping, rolling, singing and dancing here.  Preparation for Joie’s party went smoothly and almost stress free.  I would venture to say that the only stress involved was deciding how much food to serve in the 2 hour reservation.  With reassurance from DH, we settled with pizza, cupcakes, fruit salad, drinks, and goodie bags.  The kids and their parents were happy as clams – yay!  If it is this easy all of the time, there will be parties more often – hahaha  :)”Salamat” to all of you for the wonderful gifts and birthday wishes.  Joie says that this was the BEST birthday ever.  Mommy and Daddy agree!  Pictures will be posted after I figure out how to optimize them to fit nicely on my page!!