Joie’s favorites

toy – anything small/miniature and CUTE, riding her 2 wheel bike and Razor scooter, playing catch with her baseball mitt, Guitar Hero 3, Gameboy (Hello Kitty game)

food – sinigang and mommy’s homemade chicken soup

color – pink and blue

places to go – San Francisco, Cabo San Lucas, Philippines

cannot go to bed without – Moony the monkey, baby blanket, music, and kisses from mommy & daddy

friends – Mia, Audrey, and Hannah


Here’s an old post I found… Joie, then,  just celebrated her 4th birthday 

Sunday, March 19, 2006

joie turns 4 
Current mood:  thankful

jose, joie and i celebrate our birthdays for a whole month as our own family tradition!.. this seemingly endless celebration IS great fun and should i mention, gets expensive?!.. princess joie turns 4 (4 going on 14!).. …it seems just yesterday she was a “twinkle in our eyes”. (sigh) time flew by… i plead with her not to grow up too fast… no matter how old she gets she’ll always be my baby girl… joie is happy, silly, talkative, animated, active and bright… she amazes me every day with the new things she’s learning… i love the sound of her voice, the “i don’t have a worry in the world” laugh and that mischievous, dimpled smile… (i adore how she’s sooo much like her daddy)
joie’s favorites:
toy – tiny rubber duckies
food – popcorn and cupcakes
color – yellow
place – monterey bay aquarium, san francisco, and lake tahoe
roadtrips to see her cousins (orion, jacob..mason and miles)
cannot go to bed without her frog named bonfante, her baby blanket, and.. music

We clearly remember when she turned 2!   I’m 2  

Where does the time go so quickly?