yearbook page

I finished the assigned 2 yearbook pages for Joie’s Kindergarten class. (this is page 2 and chose not to post page 1 for privacy reasons since it includes full names of all the children) I’m so proud of myself because I’m not a very good album/scrapbook girlie and this might very well be the inspiration I need to tackle more of my own that I should be working on, shame on me, I have years of pictures still in their photo processing envelopes, stored in 2 large plastic boxes!!

I have tons of pictures from before my digital days. The tons of digital pictures are in another kind of box – a hard drive. Pathetic crying now. Waaah!! Really, I do need to get my sh-tuff together and start making those photo books I keep seeing everywhere – here, Here, hEre, heRe, (I have this herE, and HERE…and so many more, just search “photo books.” Since I’m not very good with the paper, scissor & sticker kind of thing – like the yearbook pages – I wish for all my albums, scrapbooks to be digital. First, to tackle all those old pictures…but scanning all those pictures is the daunting part and probably the reason for such procrastination thus far. Oh, and my scanner hates me. I swear I scan the pictures and save them to a folder or file but they seem to end up somewhere else than where I told them to go! A folder, a file, what’s the difference? Aye! Maybe that’s the problem hmmmm?

A friend of mine, Gigi, is a consultant for Heritage Makers and is offering to help me. I’m thinking of taking her up on the offer, as I am truly getting overwhelmed with trying to do it all myself. Yup, it’s that bad – LOL! Okay, it’s decided. I’m giving here a call.

“Hello Gigi, HELP!”