“It was an early morning trip to the farmer’s market with my sunglasses and favorite basket. Today’s find is kamote leaves! Tonight’s dinner with tomato, green onions, a little alamang, fresh steamed rice and grilled meat or fish! I’m so filipina and proud of it – SARAP!!” – Me, Sept. 07

Farmer’s Markets make me think of my family and the marketplaces in the Philippines. I especially love the early morning tricycle ride and getting there just as the vendors finish setting up and already, it’s starting to get busy. It’s apparent that I’m not the only one who knows the freshest picking and best selection to be had is on a first come basis…the setting, the colors, the smells, the sounds, the people, fresh fruit & vegetables, the carts of cooked food waiting to be sampled, the culture and history…it’s the WHOLE experience that I love with a passion!