Chocolate…I love, love, love.  Did I say love?  Yes, love.  I’m not referring to the everyday variety, although they certainly help with the quick fixes.  For me, chocolate bliss is Artisan Chocolates.  A little goes a long way – savored and so satisfying. 

My first love of handmade chocolates is Joseph Schmidt Confections.  Because of my obsession I insisted on “something special & chocolate” for our wedding favors.  Jose and I discovered Joseph Schmidt at 3489 16th Street, San Francisco where we sampled to my heart’s content.  We ordered 300 of the large egg-shaped Signature Line Truffles in Champagne, Grand Marneir, Irish Cream, Kahlua, and All Dark – the chosen to leave a lasting mark of our special day!  11 years later, an anniversary is extra special with a bowed box of these truffles! 

I’ve found my newest love of artisanal chocolates in Scharffen Berger.  A once co-worker, now great friend, Lisa, introduced Scharffen Berger to me.  We share the amour of chocolate, “the way we like our men:  dark, smooth and rich”  (our inside joke)  I was like, “whoa, what’s this?  It’s orgasmic!”  LOL

The Essence of Chocolate  

This is on my wish list.  The Essence of Chocolate, Recipes of Baking and Cooking with Fine Chocolate.  OMG, I could almost lick the pages!  Next to-do is the factory tour in Berkeley. (I’m hoping it’s NOT anything like the Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa experience.  Just the happy, chocolate for a lifetime kind)  

Okay, a walk over to Draeger’s Market with Joie now to get a truffle or two, a bar, or three.  This goddess needs some food!