We LOVE hanging out at our local book stores – Barnes & Noble and Borders. It’s a usual “to-go-to” on the weekends and seems to complete our week with at least one trip.

I’ve been working on an Amazon.com book wish list and it will come to no surprise that it is mostly craft related. Why? They’re just so inspiring, so cute, so creative, and “I can SO do that!” :)

Aranzi Aronzo’s books are super fun and I want to make 99% of the projects. This book is on my wish list for sure, as well as her others. Japanese craft books are my most recent addiction. The diagrams are almost self explanatory especially since I don’t read japanese and the illustrations are just too cute and funny in their own right.

Also, I ADORE ALL the BOOKS authored and illustrated by Lauren Child: Clarice Bean and Charlie and Lola
I hope to collect them all for Joie! (Ooh, that reminds me to purchase Utterly Me, Clarice Bean for our trip.)

As of now, our favorite Charlie and Lola book is, I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato.

Too cute and the series is even CUTER, how is that possible? Gotta get the DVD’s (eeeks!!!!)

Looks like I’ll be starting a children’s book wish list for me – ah… err… I meant for Joie :)

All just wishes! (hint, hint… wink, wink)