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Watch your Thoughts,
they become words.
Watch your Words,
they become actions.
Watch your Actions,
they become habits.
Watch your Habits,
they become character.
Watch your Character,
for it becomes your Destiny.                  

I have been so preoccupied with Facebook and reconnecting with my friends.  My 20th High School reunion is next year and OMG, we’ve been sharing the MOST HILARIOUS blasts from the past.  I swear, my sides ache from all the laughing and my fingertips are sore from typing and defending myself – hahahaha.  I am truly blessed with some of the most amazing people in my life!

Honestly, I’m relieved NOT to see the MATERIALISTIC “keep up with the Jones'”, “Look what I drive”, “My house is bigger than yours”, “Look who I know now” BRAG forum kind of thing that I detest.  Personally, I think those kinds of people have the biggest insecurities and hide behind it, ultimately putting up a wall for no one to get to know they’re a real person with real life experiences and responsibilities. Thankfully, I have found a wonderful bunch of hard working, MODEST, yet VERY accomplished individuals who MAY HAVE all the best of materialistic possessions, MAY BE well travelled, ARE known and respected… but it’s not their foremost image they display.  It’s the fun-loving, “I remember you”, “OMG, I’m embarrassed”, “Oh,no you didn’t” “Big hair from the 80’s”, school dances and prom pictures, kind of madness and GENUINE sharing.  I LOVE IT!

Hubby and I were just discussing how simply unique it is that many of us (my Oxnard friends) have known each other since grade school.  Wow, huh?  Oh, and I have those pictures as proof, too!  To all of you that know, “you’re welcome”  :)  hahahahaha…  I know, I know … I better tread wisely ‘cuz payback is a bitch!   

Oh, and there’s the chat.  I can’t keep up.  Really, don’t you guys have jobs?  :)

Well, I never thought I’d say this… “CHEERS to Facebook”  See you all very soon.  


I really love this one post I made a while back on MySpace.  How much love for her grandparents can one little girl’s heart hold?  Most apparently… LOTS.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Current mood:  touched

My parents are returning to the Philippines after a short 4 months visit with us. As we were saying our goodbyes, a sad and tearful Joie asks Nana and Papa, …”can I go with you? pleeeease??” Jose responds by telling her “…mommy and daddy have to save money for our plane tickets first, okay? We’ll see Nana and Papa again very soon.” At this, Joie hurries to her room and returns with a small coin purse and says, …”Daddy, I have money…” She takes out 3 quarters and asks us if she has enough.



My honey’s mug made it into a mag article and Fox Racing Shox (even though he no longer works with them) still showing him some love.  Awww, ain’t that sweet?  The article is part of Yeti Cycles 2008 catalog – “Collaboration” pg 78

Me:  “I know you miss the industry… don’t cha fret, one day you’ll find yourself somewhere around it again… this time it’ll be “working for fun.”  That’s your motto:  Work hard to play harder!!  Here’s the article ,the happy mug in your UFC tee, and the fork you built –  so proud of you!”


Last night, a friend of mine emailed quite the rudest comment which put me in a very irritated mood this morning since, probably subconsciously, it tossed and turned in my brain overnight – without rest.  Here’s the email, quoted …

“Hey you, do u watch Deal or No Deal? It was on last nite and they filmed it in the Philippines. I guess they copied that show too. Filipinos are so un-original. I know, I know, I’m such a hater.”



I’ve newly returned from my trip and highly sensitive to my Filipinos and I believe the comment to be harsh and irrational!  I couldn’t hold my tongue nor the speed at which my fingers flew over the keyboard, for this was my immediate email response, quoted…

“Nope, sorry didn’t see it… 

Don’t you know that Imitation is the best form of flattery? 

Filipinos, unoriginal?… Look around you. EVERY culture/people will imitate another that they feel is “better off” or “prosperous.”

D#@$, hate less. Give your own people a break. They’re copying entertainment. They’re not copying poverty and hunger” …  Is that “original” enough for you?  Hate that.


Ok, I’m going to walk away from this one for just a little bit, take in a deep, cleansing breath then come back to reflect on why this has resulted in me being so upset.  




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