Last night, a friend of mine emailed quite the rudest comment which put me in a very irritated mood this morning since, probably subconsciously, it tossed and turned in my brain overnight – without rest.  Here’s the email, quoted …

“Hey you, do u watch Deal or No Deal? It was on last nite and they filmed it in the Philippines. I guess they copied that show too. Filipinos are so un-original. I know, I know, I’m such a hater.”



I’ve newly returned from my trip and highly sensitive to my Filipinos and I believe the comment to be harsh and irrational!  I couldn’t hold my tongue nor the speed at which my fingers flew over the keyboard, for this was my immediate email response, quoted…

“Nope, sorry didn’t see it… 

Don’t you know that Imitation is the best form of flattery? 

Filipinos, unoriginal?… Look around you. EVERY culture/people will imitate another that they feel is “better off” or “prosperous.”

D#@$, hate less. Give your own people a break. They’re copying entertainment. They’re not copying poverty and hunger” …  Is that “original” enough for you?  Hate that.


Ok, I’m going to walk away from this one for just a little bit, take in a deep, cleansing breath then come back to reflect on why this has resulted in me being so upset.